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Make sure your real estate correspondence reaches its destination – faster!

Why use eConnect?

All real estate businesses send large quantities of property-related post, such as service charges, late notices and rent statements. When sent by traditional means, the labour, postage and packaging for these items becomes a considerable expense.

Yet, there are serious limitations with sending email and digital correspondence via an ERP. Day-to-day correspondence tasks remain a highly inefficient and intensive manual process.

eConnect helps real estate businesses overcome these issues.

Integrate eConnect with your ERP, such as MRI Software, Yardi & SAP, to add powerful email features that will enhance and optimise your entire correspondence process.

How can I use eConnect?

1. Improve deliverability of your email & digital correspondence

When you send bulk email via an ERP, it is typically distributed via a single gateway shared by all the ERP provider’s customers. This results in email being filtered into junk folders or blocked from inboxes entirely.

eConnect will extract the data you need from your ERP, enabling you to send email and attachments from your own gateway.

As a result, you can be confident that your digital correspondence will land directly in your recipient’s inbox.

2. Track your email & follow up sooner!

Another common problem with sending bulk email from your ERP is that you have no way of tracking your correspondence.

With eConnect, you can track all your digital correspondence with delivery, read receipts and the status of all past communication.

Not only will you have peace-of-mind that your business-critical has reached its destination, you’ll be able to follow up sooner.

3. Increase control over your email and attachments

ERPs tend to restrict control you have over your email, with limited email templates, customisation and file sizes.

eConnect gives you greater control over what you send and receive with customisable templates, variable reply-to addresses and no file size limitations.

4. Improve security

eConnect offers several options for you to protect your digital correspondence, including:

  • document encryption
  • password protection at document or user-level
  • broadcast unique passwords via SMS

Uniquely, eConnect offers the option to add advanced digital signatures to all your correspondence.

The integrated digital signing service uses certificate-based digital ID to authenticate user identity, adding a tamper-evident seal to each document.

A visible notification panel within each document provides recipients with assurance and a clear sign that the correspondence is from a trusted source.

This service is provided by GlobalSign and is preapproved by Adobe and Microsoft.

5. Automate your most time-consuming tasks

eConnect will automate some of your most time-consuming manual tasks, including:

  • sorting all your digital and land mail requirements
  • splitting statement runs into individual items of correspondence
  • attaching relevant documents to emails.

eConnect can even create complicated reporting packs for you by compiling relevant pages from multiple document types and multiple sources. Let eConnect take care of your manual tasks and save your team hundreds of hours per month!

6. Broadcast SMS instantly

eConnect enables you to send instant targeted messages to your contacts via SMS or email.

Broadcast one-off communication in bulk, save contacts for repeat communication and/or use criteria to automatically update Smart Lists with the latest data – all linked directly to your ERP or CRM.

Perfect for emergency maintenance and overdue payments notices!

7. Tenant portal

Provide your tenants with secure 24hr self-service access to all past correspondence and key documents through eConnect’s web portal.

Customise to match your brand and audience & integrate with other applications to provide an even better experience for your tenants, clients and partners.

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Automate your real estate correspondence process and make sure your important post reaches its destination – faster!

Client testimonials

Our clients have been looking for a tool that gives them greater control and transparency in communication and delivery of reporting to their stakeholders. eConnect is a natural fit!
Nikki Steadman

Director, Loci Solutions

eConnect reduced time spent printing, collating and sending reports by approximately 12-hrs per month. We now have a firm centralised record of outgoing correspondence with tenants in regards to financial correspondence. I’d definitely recommend eConnect to other businesses.
Kelly Lawler

Lease & Systems Manager, TGC

eConnect provided a quick and easy way of reducing paper from our division. This in turn not only provided a return on investment but saved a great amount of resource time improving efficiencies along the way.
Wendy Jack

Director, Savills

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More features

Split land & digital mail

eConnect’s intelligent correspondence engine automatically prepares your postal requirements

Activity scheduling

Set conditions within your ERP and, when met, eConnect will action the activity at the time you choose

Write-back to your ERP

Unique write-back features enable you to input information directly to your ERP or CRM from within eConnect

Reflect your brand

Full WYSIWYG HTML email body editor & template tailoring to reflect your company image

Tenant Messaging

Broadcast SMS and email with eConnect’s native Tenant Messaging Solution

Secure cloud service

Harness the power of a state-of-the art cloud computing system (ISO27001 compliant) with high-level service

Single sign-on

Multiple secure login & authentication options, including LDAP, OAUTH2 and OpenID.

Training & support

A range of training & support options available for your entire user community, including remote & on-site

See eConnect in action

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