One platform, endless possibilities

The digital solution builder for real estate business

How can I use Hydra?

Hydra enables you to craft custom digital solutions—so how you use it is entirely up to you!

The possibilities are endless!

“Create custom solutions and unlimited portals for each facet of your business. Connect your systems, data and people in one place—whether you own, manage or invest in commercial, retail, residential or corporate real estate.”

Who is Hydra for?

Hydra is a flexible solution that will work for any type of real estate business and any type of role, serving any type of audience.

You choose!

How does Hydra work?

Connect your ecosystem

Connect your existing systems and data and use intuitive connectors to integrate your third-party applications. Hydra connects seamlessly with many best-of-breed real estate platforms—pick your integration point!

Enhance with Hydra Apps

Add functionality to your existing ecosystem with your choice of powerful Hydra Apps.

Build a powerful network of connected systems, data and people & transform your process and your communities.

Customise in The Studio

Customise the look and feel of each solution in The Studio to engage your audience across multiple devices.

  • Design each solution to match your company’s brand, building or client’s corporate image
  • Create beautiful bespoke portals, pages and solutions from scratch
  • Choose from a selection of ready-made themes and templates
  • Modernise legacy data—re-skin and publish old data with a modern user interface
  • Tailor content to each audience or individual to deliver a unique experience
  • Take control of your brand look and feel: set style guide and store brand assets
  • Create personal views or new functionality – let your imagination run wild!


Deploy and manage multiple solutions from one console, with total admin control & data governance, application and performance analytics and secure login options.

We can design a launch and onboarding programme to get you and your team up and running.

  1. Planning
  2. Stage 2: Preparation & practice (inc. training & development)
  3. Stage 3: Go-live
  4. Stage 4: On-boarding (support to get your people up and going)
  5. Stage 5: Review

Underpinned by ongoing support from our international Helpdesk.

Ready To Explore?

● Design, build and manage multiple portals
● Integrate any systems and data
● Modernise legacy data
● Personalise content to each user
● Experiment & drive your business forward

The Power of Hydra Apps

Transform your processes & communities

  • Configure each Hydra App to provide users the information, insight and experience that is applicable to their role or relationship.
  • Capture data in Hydra, push data to another system or pull data from a third-party source.
  • Publish Hydra App configurations to a single portal or across multiple portals.

Dynamic Analytics

  • Analyse all the data you collect or connect in Hydra’s native reporting tool.
  • Display data in real time or deliver customised reports on a schedule.
  • Publish data to users, restricting access by role & relationship.
  • Integrate with your favoured business intelligence tool to extract data or share insights across your network

Hydra Apps


Lease data entry

Create custom lease-based data entry forms with workflow and integration to property management systems.

Allow your tenants, clients and partners to enter lease amendments, create new leases or request changes without the need for document or pdf.

Leasing overview

View your entire portfolio of leases and share information with your stakeholders.

Allow tenants to view lease and service charge data, including key dates, commitments and any transactions.

Leasing analytics

Dedicated app for leasing managers. Track your portfolio performance, arrears and tenancy schedule data.

Lease trends and KPIs, break analysis, space analysis, brand/tenant expiry exposure, tenant scheduling, stacking plans.

Retail analytics

Powerful retail centre analytics to help you track performance of your retail centres, brands, partners or properties.

Collect, connect to and interrogate data such as footfall by centre, sales by lease/unit, turnover sales and related comparatives.

Retail sales

Capture sales-related figures and information for turnover-based tenancies and analyse the data across your portfolio.

Configure for brands, malls, buildings, regions, properties or users. Includes notifications and alerts.


Allow your portal users to submit maintenance issues and requests and review within Hydra or interface to your chosen maintenance solution.

Includes ability to raise maintenance requests, monitor status & integration with preferred FM software.

Online payment

Allow users to make payment for lease-related charges, bookings, events and anything else you desire.

Pre-built integrations with leading online payment providers, including WorldPay, PayPal, SagePay and Amazon Pay. Other providers can be integrated with Hydra’s admin tools.



Video library. Upload video and embed video feeds to deliver fresh content.

“Must watch” capability for important information such as health & safety information, evacuation plans and training.


Broadcast / Communicate

Permission-based tool to communicate with portal users Includes, email, newsletters, html & WYSIWYG editor & SMS.

Data feeds

Provide updates, news and information such as general events, local news, promotional offers. maintenance works and feeds such as weather, travel, economic or retail sales patterns.

Community engagement

Engage your audience with messaging, promotions and noticeboards. Schedule communication and notifications to targeted audiences or individuals.

Data capture

Collect, display and interface your source application data or natively collected data. Includes forms, surveys and polls, with write-back or scheduled exports to your source applications.


Choose pre-defined booking apps or create custom booking applications for any resource from car parking to advertising space to cinema seats to coffee orders.


Create and maintain your own directory of staff, key contacts, residents, tenants and more. Create and maintain a list of pre-approved suppliers or interface to a source application.

Document library

Provide ready access to important or useful information via a permission-based document library. A central repository for all your property paperwork.

Social media

Connect and aggregate social profiles, hashtags and RSS feeds. Including facebook, youtube, twitter, slack, Linkedin, pinterest, flickr, spotify, vimeo, yelp, tumblr and Instagram.

Key handling

Security & Key handling: check personnel in and out, record handover notes and keyholder information.

Package tracking

Record deliveries, notify recipients of arrival and record collection of delivery at a front desk for an office, residence or retail centre.

Visitor access

Record and schedule visitors including staff, contractors and residents.

Jobs board

Provides the ability for users to view, post and manage job vacancies.


A self-service library for your users to find the information they need, including: FAQs. Search, Wiki, Directory and Content.

Online signing

Sign documents securely from any device with an integrated signing service provided by Docusign.


Build custom workflows to reflect the typical statuses your tasks go through, including review, notify & approve.


Analyse and report on key data that relates to your business in all areas of Hydra and its integrations.


Promote offers and services to portal users and accept promotions via text, email or QR codes at front desks and on shop floors.


An expanding range of focussed functionality Hydra Apps!

What do you want to create today?

Hydra is the digital solution builder for real estate business. One platform with endless possibilities.
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