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We believe in best-of-breed solutions.

Our partnerships with leading manufacturers who offer the best technology and innovative strategic services has enabled us to create the most advanced set of solutions and services available to the real estate industry.

Because we choose to operate independently from product manufacturers, we’re able to offer any solution on the open market that best suits your needs.

MRI Software logo
MRI Software is a leading provider of applications and solutions that free real estate companies to elevate their business. We’re part of MRI Partner Connect.
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We're an independent Yardi consultant
Yardi is dedicated to the design, development and support of real estate investment and property management software. We’re part of the Yardi Independent Consultants Network. Read more…
Spreadsheet Server logo
Spreadsheet Server brings live reporting data from your ERP directly into Excel. Watch a webinar to see how it works with MRI Software and Yardi.
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Board logo
BOARD International is a leading global provider of software for improving business results through better decision making. We’re BOARD’s real estate industry partner. Read more…
Global Software logo
insightsoftware is the No1 provider of Microsoft Excel-based automated solutions to all leading ERPs. We are their exclusive Spreadsheet Server distributor for MRI Software and Yardi in EMEA. Read more…
Invu logo
Invu develops both electronic document management (eDM) and accounts payable (AP) software solutions. We’re their only real estate industry specialist partner for EMEA. Read more…
Microsoft logo
We’re a Microsoft partner for products including Azure – a growing collection of integrated cloud services – and Power BI a business intelligence tool that helps you bring your data to life. Read more…
Power BI logo
Power BI by Microsoft is a suite of business intelligence tools that transform your company’s data into rich visuals, helping you to analyse data and gain valuable insight. Read more…
Qlik partner in EMEA
Qlik delivers Business Intelligence software for data visualisation, guided analytics, embedded analytics and reporting. We’re their only authourised real estate partner in EMEA. Read more…
Our global partnership with TopUp Consultants demonstrates our commitment to working with high-quality partners who are expert in their chosen sector.
Dominic Policella

Director (UK), Board International

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