AP Scan & document management

Extraordinary invoice capture and workflow solution
We have a wealth of experience in automating accounts payable processes and we can deliver the most effective solutions to ensure the quickest return on investment.

We are partnered with best-of-breed provider, Invu, as their EMEA partner for the real estate industry. We have focussed on automating their Invoice Capture product; an accounts payable process that provides finance and operational directors with painless control and visibility of their financial commitment.

Uniquely INVU’s OCR intelligently captures data from any type or format of invoice removing any time-consuming need for manual intervention.

The repetitive task of distributing approval is vanquished as the workflow system automated the tasks seamlessly. From there on the workflow handles the coding process to batch uploading into an ERP system.

INVU products typically provide a return on investment – in terms of both money and time – in less than six months. This is delivered through using INVU’s software modules to provide tangible and measurable benefits.

Invu: AP Scan and Document Management

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Some of our partners and products

We form partnerships with best-of-breed providers in order to provide our clients with the most effective solutions on the market. Solutions marked with * are part of our own suite of products for the real estate industry.

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