Spreadsheet Server

Open the window to live data
No more downloading, staging areas or data warehousing – Spreadsheet Server will empower you to use Excel as a “window” to your live data.

Spreadsheet Server is an intuitive add-in for Microsoft® Excel with Business Intelligence type features empowering interrogation and visualisation of your organisation’s business-critical information through familiar Excel features and functionality.

You can easily create dynamic reports that combine real-time operational data with live financial data from the General Ledger and enable you to immediately see the impact of a posted journal entry.

Powerful multi-level drill-down capabilities permit you to see the underlying levels of supporting detail and easily customisable reports mean you can present information how you want it, when you want it.

Spreadsheet Server is manufactured by insightsoftware, the world’s No.1 provider of Microsoft® Excel-based automation and analysis tools.

The application integrates with 50+ of the world’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms including MRI Software, JDE, SAP, Oracle and Yardi.

Deployed by over 5,000 companies across the globe, Spreadsheet Server and its suite of tools have become the de-facto standard.

Spreadsheet Server is proven to reduce close cycles by days and to enhance the ERP experience of both finance and operational users via Microsoft® Excel by streamlining spreadsheet processes with live data and dynamic reporting.

Teams no longer have to rely on IT staff or external consultants to build their reports and are no longer hindered by issues common to manual reporting processes, such as manually entering data and importing and reformatting data every month. You can even automate the distribution of your reports too.

Offering far more flexibility than you’ve ever been used to, Spreadsheet Server is an extremely flexible reporting & analytical tool that gives you comprehensive capabilities and saves companies a vast amount of time and resource.

We are the real estate industry’s exclusive distributor of Spreadsheet Server and its suite of tools in EMEA.


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Spreadsheet Server: Connect excel to your ERP

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