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Compiling and distributing real estate correspondence and reports can be labour-intensive, time-consuming and expensive.

That’s why we created eConnect, an advanced communication tool that automates your cumbersome real estate correspondence tasks.

eConnect’s intelligent correspondence engine automates the distribution process by separating email contacts.
Comprehensive reporting includes full email delivery and read receipt tracking, providing safe knowledge that all of your key documents have been received.
eConnect’s web portal provides your clients with the ability to self-serve many of the typical day-to-day requests, alleviating the pressure and workload on your client service teams.
Unique write-back features enable you to input information directly to your ERP.
Quickly compile reports and attach any document directly from you ERP or desktop or integrate with Microsoft SharePoint or your chosen file server.
Company branding and email template tailoring ensures the application and every correspondence reflects your company and/or partner’s image.
Our clients have been looking for a tool that gives them greater control and transparency in communication and delivery of reporting to their stakeholders. eConnect is a natural fit! Nikki Steadman

Director, Loci Solutions

Would you like to…

1. Save money on postage?
2. Reduce labour hours spent producing correspondence?
3. Track delivery of email correspondence?
4. Simplify production of reporting packs?
5. Quickly split your digital and land mail?
6. Send email and SMS broadcasts to your clients?
7. Speed up cash collection rates?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the above questions, you will benefit from eConnect. Book a demonstration or request more information in the form below.

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