Release Notes

April 2020

New in version 7 (Uranus)

  • Single sign-on: Microsoft Azure & Office 365 added to LDAP, OAUTH2 and OpenID.
  • New user roles & access options: create site level administrators & restrict any user/groups to read only.
  • Mailbox per site: option to add a different outbound email configuration for each site.
  • eConnect string per site: option to add eConnect hidden string configuration per site.
  • Supporting merge level attachments: ability to merge items from sub levels (eg. building level when merging at lease level)
  • Read Report: now displays details of when an email was read and, where available, from what source IP address.
  • Contents page customisation: customise the contents page with background images.
  • Merge field lookups: list of merge fields now available to choose from on template editors.
  • Multi-contact email bounces: bouncebacks are now tracked for each email address on a multi-contact email.
  • Email bounceback forwarding: bounceback emails can now be forwarded to specified users / email addresses.
  • Broadcast “select all”: “select all” option available within the broadcast selection screen.
  • Email imports by site: email imports can now be completed at the site level.

Previous updates / Features list

July 2019—new in version 6 (Saturn)

Feature Description Notes
Single sign-on LDAP, OAUTH2 and OpenID.  
User to multiple sites Assigned single users to multiple sites.  
Restrictive admin Tailor functionality to each user by assigning modules to individuals.  
Document security Protect documents with password or digital signature certificate (SSL). Premium feature
Auto-review Automatically review correspondence batches and email exceptions to a user or designated email address.  
Contents page Enhance report packs by adding a contents page during auto-merge process.  
Supporting files Attach support documentation with your correspondence.  

Earlier updates / Features list

Feature Description Notes
Upload from Email Automatically upload documents from email as well as manually via the user interface.  
ERP/CRM integration Integrate with your chosen ERP/CRM for contact detail source.  
Print vs email Automatically separate digital and land-mail requirements and combine no-email contacts into a single pdf.  
Review process Review, approval and sign-off of each stage in the correspondence process.  
Email grouping Group emails and attach all associated attachments as a single document or multiple documents.  
View attachments View any attachment being sent to a recipient at any stage of the process.  
Tracking Track read and delivery status of email.  
Bounce Show email failure and reason.  
History Full searchable email history with the ability to forward or resend correspondence.  
Broadcast Send email and SMS messages to your contact base without the need for ERP-generated correspondence. Premium Feature
Reporting Comprehensive KPI reports to monitor the performance of your eConnect solution.  
Merging Merge multiple items of correspondence together to produce powerful reporting packs or to reduce number of items being sent.  
Auto-merge All the power of the merge feature, automated.  
SITES SITES allow the division of data and permissions by users.  
SharePoint integration Integrate with SharePoint document libraries, with the ability to update metadata from eConnect data.  
Tenant/Web Portal Provide tenants or clients with 24/7 access to key documents, past correspondence and other self-service opportunities. Premium Feature

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