Real Insight

360° data insight with real time financials
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Real Insight delivers 360° real estate intelligence for investors, owners, property accountants and managers.

It is a complete reporting and analytical solution for companies whose data resides across multiple siloed sources, whether on new or legacy systems, ERPs or other finance platforms.

By combining structured and unstructured data into a single view, Real Insight consolidates operational data with real-time financial reporting and enables organisations to see the immediate effect of transactions.

Drill-down functionality supports staff to make informed decisions by accessing the supporting underlying information.

Real Insight Real Estate Business Intelligence

Real Insight is a scalable and autonomous best-of-breed solution that enables you to marry business discovery and real-time financial reporting in complete harmony. It’s guaranteed to save days off your close cycles and greatly aids collaboration as well enhancing your current processes.

If you’d like to discover more about how Real Insight can transform your company’s operating landscape or to book a free consultation please drop us a line.

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