Real interconnectivity for your real estate business
Interconnectivty of systems, data and people is one of the main challenges that growing and global real estate businesses face.
Whether you’re a boutique provider or corporate operator, you’ll have multiple platforms, data points and users with minimal integration.

So, no matter what your role, you struggle to get the information you need or to contribute the data that underpins business success.

That’s why you need: Real Estate Connect.

Real Estate Connect gives you the power to connect your entire real estate ecosystem – in just one place.

Create code-free solutions that transform the connectivity between your teams, clients and partners. Make it easy to supply or retrieve the data you need, regardless of the platforms you use.

Experiment and find new ways to connect your systems, data and people – and drive your business forward.

It’s time to get real interconnectivity. Get Real Estate Connect.

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Create unlimited portals for each facet of your business and connect systems data and people in one place – whether you own, manage or invest in commercial, retail, residential or corporate real estate. Dean Nixon

Technical Director

Our services are trusted by some of the largest real estate companies in the world

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