Connect your property systems, data and people - in just one place

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Interconnectivity of systems, data and people is one of the main challenges that today’s real estate businesses face.
Whether you’re a boutique provider or corporate operator, you’ll have multiple platforms, data points and users with minimal integration, requiring intensive management and support.

That’s why you need: Real Estate Connect.

Real Estate Connect gives you the power to connect your entire real estate ecosystem – in just one place.

Simply drag & drop data and apps to consolidate your existing systems, while creating code-free solutions to add new functionality.

Brand each solution with the look and feel to match your local service, region or building and transform connectivity between your team, clients and partners.

It’s time to get real interconnectivity. Get Real Estate Connect.

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Our services are trusted by some of the largest real estate companies in the world

Create unlimited portals for each facet of your business and connect systems data and people in one place – whether you own, manage or invest in commercial, retail, residential or corporate real estate. Dean Nixon

Technical Director

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