The Top 5 Underused Useful Features in Yardi Voyager

Richard Duddy
June 23, 2023
Want to unlock the full potential of Yardi Voyager? Our experts explain five overlooked features that save you time, reduce errors, and simplify your workflow.

If you're a real estate business, Yardi can make your operation more effective. The platform offers a huge suite of tools that serve real estate businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Yardi is one of the most popular real estate software solutions in the world. At the last count, it had over 22,000 customers and $408.3m in revenue. To sustain that type of business you need to be doing something right. 

Considering Yardi is such an expansive and powerful platform, it makes complicated property management and accounting processes surprisingly simple. All it takes is the appropriate configuration and, often overlooked, suitable training and support for your end-users. In just a few quick steps your business can see positive effects.

Once you're set up and achieving results, it’s easy to become complacent. Users don't often realise their Yardi system has much more potential!

How will the series help you?

New users, particularly of enterprise Yardi Voyager, won't be experts straight away—they’ll often have limited experience with the wider platform. Yet, it’s also true for many people who have been using the platform for years. Even those of you long in the tooth enough to be known as "an experienced Yardi", might not be aware of newly available features! (Particularly if you've recently upgraded or skipped versions.)

Here at TopUp, our consultants are in a fortunate position to work with the Yardi platform, the team at Yardi, and unique clients across the globe on a regular basis. So, not only do we know our Yardi, it's our job to help businesses get the most out of it. We help you unleash its full potential.

To that end, we asked our in-house Yardi experts to share some of the most overlooked and surprisingly useful features in Yardi. They’ll also provide detailed guidance on how you can use each of these underused Yardi features. 

If you're a Yardi user, we hope you’ll find something new that saves you time, provides valuable insights or simply makes your working life a bit happier. If you're not a Yardi user, we hope it gives you a taste of how Yardi can benefit your business.

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The complete first series

If you find any of these how-tos helpful, or you need some further support with your Yardi system, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

With thanks to TopUp alumni Faith Alori for content suggestions.

Richard Duddy

Richard is a Chartered Marketer who is helping TopUp to continue its year-on-year growth. He's very excited about Hydra—your next favourite real estate product!

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