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How to customise Qube search filters for income and expenditure

Simon Russell
July 1, 2023
In the second part of our series on Qube's most underused features, Simon Russell, Qube Functional Consultant (and resident friendly person), explains why you should customise your Financial Grids in Qube PM

For my second tutorial on surprisingly underused features in Qube, I'm going to show you how to get more functionality from Qube PM financial grids.

The financial grids are tables that display transactional data and store information at different levels in Qube. For instance, at tenant level, accessing the transaction tab will present a financial grid contianing all charges and receipts associated with that tenant. Similarly, within a property, the expenditure tab will reveal a financial grid containing every expenditure item posted against that property.

As time passes, the amount of information stored in Qube increases and, unrestrained, can grow to an unmanageable level. By customising the financial grids, you can filter out unnecessary information and focus on the data that truly matters.

I constantly change my personal customisation dependant on the specfic task at hand. In the example below, I'll show you how to do the same.

How to customise Qube PM filters for expenditure and income

In this example, we'll be interrogating a financial table for property expenditure.

1. Use the "wormholes" to go into your properties.

2. Select the property that you want to interrogate and double click on it to open it up

3. Click on the expenditure tab.

This will bring you up a list of the historical expenditure on the property

4. You can use the full text search to either search for a word or an amount. In this example, I search for "cleaning" and this brings up every row containing the word and highlights it in red.

If you are searching for a particular invoice, you can enter the amount and it will find all the matches.

5. Another handy tool you can use is the grouping function. You can grab any of the dark blue column headers by holding down left click and dragging the header to the section just below  "Full Text Search" that helpfully says “Drag a column header and drop it here to group by that column”.

In this example we grouped by "Heading", so your grid will now have grouped the different headings together, such as buildings insurance, Audit fees and so on - and it will provide totals at he bottom of each one.

You can remove the grouping by hovering over the group and clicking on the little x that appears.

6. Finally, each dark blue heading has a down arrow in its box

You can use these to filter the columns similar to how you would in an excel spreadsheet. So if you want to see all the rounding's, you can click to drop down the menu and select the rounding's. This will filter by that column and only display expenditure items posted to roundings.

And that is how to customise the Qube dearch filters for income and expenditure. If you need some assistance, please do feel to reach out.

Simon Russell

Simon is a Qube Functional Consultant dedicated to helping you get the most from your MRI Qube system and process. As a former client-side system admin and Air Traffic Controller(!), Simon quickly becomes a knowledgeable and unflappable extension of your team.

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