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How To Qube: MRI Qube guides and video walkthroughs

Richard Duddy
June 29, 2023
We asked our in-house MRI Qube experts to identify some of Qube's most useful features and then walk you through how to use them. Read on and start getting more out of your MRI Qube today!

Qube by MRI Software is one of the most popular real estate software solutions in the world and certainly a leader in the UK.

Despite being around for a long time, we've found that even the more experienced Qube users aren't always using the platform to its fullest potential. This is understandable, because users tends to just use parts of the platform that are appropriate for their job role and context. Even if you're not taking advantage of newer or lesser known features, Qube delivers positive results. So, it's often only when someone needs a complicated workflow or a custom report - something they don't need often or that requires particular skills - that they begin to realise what more is possible. Once your MRI Qube system is setup appropriately, the platform has almost all you need to make your real estate business more effective. With appropriate configuration and, often overlooked, suitable training and support for your end users, it will soon make your complicated property management and accounting processes so much simpler.

Here at TopUp, our consultants are in a fortunate position of being an MRI partner, working with multiple businesses that use Qube, while remaining independent. So, not only do we know our way around Qube, our Qube experts are tasked with making the software fit your business. In otherwords, our experts know Qube and know different ways to squeeze more out of the platform that is relevant for the context of your business. Rather than keep all that knowledge to ourselves, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of our experiences to give you an idea of the work we do.

To that end, we asked our in-house experts to identify some of Qube's most useful features and put together some guidance on how you could use each one. The Qube walkthroughs are in both text and video formats. So, as a Qube user, we hope you might find something useful that that could save you time, provide some valuable insight or simply make your working life a bit happier. If you're not a Qube user, we hope it gives you a flavour of how the platform can add to your business.

If you're an MRI Software PMX or Yardi user, don't worry, we're also creating the same type of guides for those platforms too. (Access "How To Yardi" / "How To PMX" is coming soon!)

First up will be Simon Russell, Qube Functional Consultant, who has recommended plenty of features that you may have missed. This includes his first video on "How to customise the Qube Search Tables" to make important information more visible, amongst plenty more. To be notified on release, make sure you subscribe below.

If you find any of the "How To Qube" guides helpful or if you need some further support with your Qube system, please do feel free to let us know.

Richard Duddy

Richard is a Chartered Marketer who is helping TopUp to continue its year-on-year growth. He's very excited about Hydra—your next favourite real estate product!

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