How to Use Recurring Payables in Yardi

Richard Duddy
July 13, 2023
Want to create reusable templates that optimise your workflow? Richard Duddy explains the benefits and shows how to use Recurring Payables with worked examples.

In the third part of our series on Yardi’s top 5 underused & useful features, Richard Duddy explains how to use the Recurring Payables feature to optimise your workflow and minimise repetitive work with reusable templates.

What is the Yardi Recurring Payables feature?

The Recurring Payables feature lets you create a template that can be used as a base to run payables on a regular basis. This is typically used for payment of regular bills such as monthly tax bills, management fees, and monthly contractual payments such as cleaning, security, and maintenance services.

The feature can only be used on payables for vendors and not owners.

How do Yardi's Recurring Payables work?

In order to create a recurring payable, you must first create a template.

Navigate to Payables > AP Template > Add AP Template:

Once the AP template page displays, fill in the required fields to create the template as below:

Code: This is the code name for the template you wish to create. In our example, we’re creating a template for the monthly management fees, so we’ve named it ‘Manfee22’. We’ve used the description box to add relevant details.

Select the post months that apply to the billing cycle of the payable. If billed monthly, tick the checkboxes for all the months of the year. If billed quarterly, then just select the applicable months.

AP Details: For payables where there are multiple properties with varying amounts for the same vendor, you can enter the details in a new line for each property as shown below.

The amount entered in the AP Details section is the amount to be billed monthly to the vendor. The total of the invoice for each billing is shown under Amount in the main section of the template

Save the template once all the details are correctly populated.

Once you’ve created the template, this can then be used on a regular basis to post recurring payables:

Navigate to Payables > AP Template > Post AP template.

Once on the AP templates page, you can filter your selection of templates either by Property or Vendor. In the example below, the recurring payable is filtered to display by Vendor.

If you’ve created multiple payable templates for this vendor, they’ll all appear in the AP Template list. Similarly, if you’ve various templates for a property they’ll all display in the list when you filter by property.

Select the AP template you’d like to post, the relevant month/billing period for that posting and click “Post”. You can select multiple templates here and post them all at once.

The system will create an unposted batch with all of your selected payables.

Navigate to the payables batch to view the created payable and post it once you’ve reviewed all the details.

The advantages of Recurring Payments in Yardi

This feature makes you more efficient and will save a lot of time. You can create multiple templates for various vendors that are usually paid on a regular basis, and instead of making multiple single payables, you’re able to quickly post a group of payables at once.

You can also create a payable that’s made out to a single vendor but covers multiple properties – provided all the properties are linked to the same cash account. This further saves time and simplifies the process as you don’t need to create separate templates for multiple properties.

Final thoughts

You now know how to take advantage of Yardi’s Recurring Payments. They provide a simple way to create reusable templates that optimise your workflow and minimise repetitive work.

Looking for more ways you can take advantage of all the underused features of Yardi? Check out

We love chatting about Yardi and all the little tweaks that make it perform better for your business. If there’s anything you’re unsure about, please get in touch. We’re here to help.

With thanks to Faith Alori, TopUp alumni, for the content suggestion.

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