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Why use an MRI Horizon Consultant from TopUp?

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January 31, 2019
Our expert MRI Horizon Consultants will help you get the most out of your Horizon property management platform. We are an authorised MRI Software Gold partner and our consultants and support analysts are certified to work with MRI clients on the wider ecosystem, including PMX and Qube.

If you need help with an MRI Horizon project, process or support issue, our expert consultants can assist you in achieving your goals. Discover why our authorised MRI Horizon consultants are the best people to help you get the most out of your chosen MRI Software solution.

What is MRI Horizon property software?

MRI Horizon is a powerful enterprise property management software solution that enables organisations to manage their commercial, retail and residential real estate businesses effectively. It provides users with a complete view of their portfolio, including property details, financials, and market data.

Additionally, MRI Software Horizon offers robust tools for property and asset management, portfolio analysis, and reporting. Horizon was part of Qube Global until the acquisition by MRI Software in 2017.

What is an MRI Horizon Consultant?

An MRI Horizon Consultant will help make sure that Horizon software fits the needs of the client's business. They work closely with the client to understand their business processes and needs, and then recommend and typically implement changes to the software or process that will improve efficiency and productivity or user experience.

Why use an MRI Software Horizon Consultant from TopUp?

There are numerous reasons to work with a Horizon Consultant from us at TopUp Consultants. Below we've listed just a few!

1. Long-serving MRI Software partner - but independent

We are an MRI Software solutions and services partner and authorised to consult on MRI systems and work with MRI. We are a Gold partner and the longest-serving MRI partner in the UK.

However, although we are partners with MRI, we have chosen to remain an independent software consultancy. This means we also work with other solution providers, such as Yardi. Because we are not wedded to MRI, we're able to represent you and provide objective advice about all the options available.

Our team have worked with MRI for over twenty-five years. From mapping business requirements, to configuration, developing solutions, and ensuring delivery of MRI-related projects - as well as making sure users are confident and have skill in the use of Horizon and the wider MRI ecosystem, including PMX and Qube.

2. Experts in our field: experience in Horizon, accountancy and real estate

Our consultants are experienced in MRI, real estate and accountancy. With an unrivalled level of knowledge of MRI and the industry, when a consultant starts work on your environment, we would envisage immediate value. Our team has been there and done it. So, whether we're tasked with completing a single job for a fixed cost or working through a list of tasks alongside your team, we'll make sure the value we leave is lasting.

3. Full lifecycle service: solution selection, implementation project, support and more!

TopUp offer a full lifecycle real estate software consultancy and support service

We offer a full lifecycle service with additional services include outsourced support services, project management, and technical development.

This means that at whatever stage of your Horizon journey, we're on hand to provide expertise. From recommending solutions, to implementation and configuring systems, to integrations or creating innovative customisations to add functionality and more.

Furthermore, our full lifecycle expertise means we can look at issues from a different angle. . So, not only can we offer insights and perspectives that offers are not able to, we can provide alternative solutions that suit your business.

4. Flexible consultancy: here when you need us

We know you don't want to work with consultants for longer than you need to. But we also know you need someone to be there who knows your systems when you need to. So, we have flexible services that can meet your need through your journey with Horizon and the MRI Software ecosystem.

We'll know your system and process so that when you do need us, we can get you up to speed much quicker.

We can keep in constant communication or work on just the job required - it's entirely up to you.

You can bring us in for specific projects or tasks and then let go when their services are no longer required. This can be beneficial for organisations as it means that they do not have to commit to long-term contracts with consultants. Yet, when you need us, ready again!

More flexible than in-house staff and you know you'll come to the same team, with a wide pool of expertise.  

Other services: MRI Horizon support

Alongside our consultancy, we have an industry-leading support team that provides Helpdesk and Application Management Services to customers of MRI and other real estate systems, whenever required.

Our expert staff specialise in serving MRI and Horizon users in the UK, EMEA and further afield. Our support analysts provide a higher level of support than your typical support analysts and, you can work directly with our consultants if you wish.

Our service is tailored to your need and works seamlessly with consultants. So, you'll get the benefit of receiving assistance and effective resolutions much quicker than you'll get elsewhere.

We even offer ad hoc and temporary cover to support you during busy periods or colleague absence. We can also provide a full managed Horizon service to make sure you're accessing all the latest updates and will identify how you can extend functionality with customisations or integrations.

We'll even provide trend analysis so that we can recommend training and support to ensure that you are using the software correctly. Can help you troubleshoot any problems you may have with the software.

Conclusion: we'll help you get the most out of your property & finance technology

We'll help you get Horizon fit for your business. Level of expertise, we'll help you over your PropTech challenges.

An MRI Software Horizon Consultant from TopUp will make sure you're using the software to its full potential and maximise your investment in your Horizon software. Excellent

Our Consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the MRI Software field, including Horizon, PMX, and MRI Qube Property Management. 

So, if you're experiencing issues with your MRI system, process or project, we'd love the opportunity to talk. Request a call today.

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