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Why work with an MRI Qube Consultant from TopUp?

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December 1, 2019
Our Qube Consultants have the expertise and experience to help your business realise the full power of your MRI Qube software. Our consultancy specialises in the extended MRI ecosystem and we deliver projects, development and support across Qube, MRI Horizon, MRI PMX and more...

At TopUp, we are long-term partners of MRI Software (Gold Partners, no less!) and authorised to provide consultancy, development and support services to MRI clients. Yet, when people find out that independent MRI Qube consultancy is available, they are often surprised. They simply didn't know it was an option!

So, we thought we had better write something to show the the MRI community that our Qube services exist and to give you an idea about how our expert Qube ConsultantsQube Support team can help you get more from your chosen technology.

What is Qube property management software?

MRI Qube screenshot
A snapshot of MRI Qube via MRI Software

Since its creation in 2004, Qube quickly became one of the most popular property management and accounting software programs on the market in the United Kingdom. Its easy-to-use interface and wealth of features made it an ideal choice for property businesses and has helped many real estate businesses grow from small to national brands. Its success eventually led to its acquisition by MRI Software in 2017. Subsequently, Qube is often referred to as MRI Qube, MRI Software Qube, MRI Qube Property Management or MRI Qube PMX.

What do Qube consultants do?

In short, we help Qube users get more from their MRI technology!

Our MRI Qube Consultants offer a wide range of professional services, including functional, technical and support via:

We have vast experience and a wide range of knowledge of MRI Software and its ecosystem including Qube's sister products Horizon and Platform X. Read more about some of out work here.

Are you authorised to work on Qube?


We are long-standing MRI Software Partners with certified MRI consultants who are authorised and expert on the Qube platform. We are, in fact, the longest serving and premier MRI Software partner in the UK & Europe. We also have some of our own products that integrate with MRI Software.

Having said that, we choose to remain independent. We work on other systems too, which ensures we have a good overview of the market and, crucially, means we always represent you.

This doesn't cause problems with MRI because of their open and connected ethos and their partner connect program. In the words of Pat Ghilani, MRI Software's CEO "a happy MRI customer stays an MRI customer".

Benefits of working with our Qube Consultants

1. Partners but independent specialists

Because we're an independent real estate software consultancy, you get the best of both worlds. We're authorised to consult on the MRI platform, but we're able to offer you honest and objective advice about your options.

2. Extensive expertise in Qube, real estate and accounting 

Experts in real estate software and accounting

Our skilled Qube consultants have many years experience in helping organisations to get the most out of their real estate and accounting systems and processes. We understand your pain and common challenges you will face. Whether you're struggling to get what you want from the system or aren't sure where to start, our expert team are on hand to provide a first class service that helps you achieve your objectives.  

3. Flexible service that suits your business

A full life cycle real estate software consultancy and support service

We offer a full lifecycle service, providing functional consultancy, technical consultant, project management and support. This enables us to offer a flexible and tailored service that fits your business.

Our full lifecycle expertise also means we can look at things from a different angle, finding solutions where others don't and delivering solutions that leave lasting value.

4. A first-class service that delivers results

We know you don't want to work with consultants for any longer than necessary. We want to work with you when you need us, then get out of the way quickly as possible having left you in a better position. That is: better able to work with your system and confident that you'll realise excellent results.

We know that if we provide a high-quality service, you'll keep coming back. That's why we continue to work with the majority of our clients after many years!

Outsourced Qube support: an unrivalled Helpdesk solution for your business  

Alongside our Qube consultancy services, we provide outsourced support via our industry-leading Helpdesk and Application Management Service.

We can take care of your support needs, such as first and second line, or offer managed IT services to take care of application updates and more.

For example, we will carry out trend analysis to identify opportunities and make recommendations to:

  • optimise your system or process
  • implement suitable updates that will increase the efficiency of your process
  • add relevant functionality to better your users' experiences
  • undertake training to upskill your team.

We want your employee experience to be positive and for your team to be learning how to get the most from their Qube experience. 

We offer long-term contracts as well as short-term contracts and ad hoc support. This means we can offer expert resource to support your team when they need it, for example covering staff absence. 

Read more about our MRI Support Service.

Ready to work with our MRI Qube Consultancy?

To summarise, if you're looking for ways to get more from your Qube technology, working with our expert team is the most effective way to achieve your company goals. We know what it takes to help you get more from your MRI Qube systems and our approach will ensure you are fully supported throughout your journey with Qube. From deployment and configuration to implementation to optimising your workflows and improving data management, to personal training, process refinement, custom reports and more!

Our team of experts are always on hand to help with any questions or problems you may have. So, if you need assistance with your software, process or project, why not get in touch? We're happy to talk to you about how we can help make your Qube software fit your business. Let's talk.

TopUp Consultants

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Find out how our expert and certified MRI Software Consultants and Support Analysts can help make sure your Qube software fits your business.
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