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Why use outsourced MRI Software Support from TopUp?

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August 8, 2022
Our friendly and expert MRI Software support desk will help make sure your business-critical MRI systems and end users are taken care of. From outsourced MRI support, Helpdesk and Application Management services, we're ready to help you get the most our of your chosen real estate systems.

What is MRI Software?

MRI Software is a software developer that provides a range of real estate management and accounting solutions. MRI Software's tools are used by real estate professionals around the globe to manage property portfolios and investments and make better business decisions.

What MRI support services do we provide?

Alongside our industry-leading MRI Software Consultancy services, we offer a full range of real estate software support services tailored to your business. These services can include ad hoc, short term or long-term service plans for outsourced support, technical support, managed IT services and more. Our core support-related services can be broken down as follows.

1. Application Management Service

Our Application Management Service will take care of your entire MRI application and ensure its use is aligned with your business objectives. We can help you keep on top of updates and the latest application developments, optimise your system, provide general system support for your real estate software and users, as well as advising on training your team should undertake, as well as developments that will make your system and process more effective.  Essentially, we become your MRI expert and provide expert managed IT services for all things MRI.

2. Helpdesk: outsourced MRI Software support

Via our Helpdesk, our certified MRI analysts become part of your extended team and we can support your users from first-line support (such as user errors, advice & guidance) all the way through to technical issues and beyond. Technical support may include troubleshooting software errors, providing updates and patches, and answering questions about how the software works.

3. Ad-hoc MRI help and staff cover

We can provide support to your team on an ad hoc basis or via short-term contracts.

We provide cover for planned staff absences, such as:

  • staff vacations
  • maternity cover
  • team restructures.

We're also on hand to step in for unplanned absences, such as:

  • team sickness
  • staff vacancies, such as when an in-house expert hands in their notice.

We can also step in at short notice to manage your in-house MRI support team during senior resource absence, provide a short-term Application Management Service or support to resolve complex or ongoing issues.

Whether you require temporary cover, want ongoing and on-demand additional capacity or just want to de-risk capacity issues, we'll work with you to ensure that your systems and team are running smoothly and efficiently.

4. Consultancy

Our expert PMX, Qube or Horizon consultants can be on hand to provide advanced support, such as helping you deal with complex issues, personalised bespoke training, advice, guidance and general MRI Software consultancy work. (You can even commission us to give you a personal MRI accounting software tutorial!)

We can work with you in a combination of all the above or a different way that suits your business. In fact, if you need support with MRI we'll be happy to discuss what would suit you best.

What MRI Software systems do you support?

The following are the most popular MRI services that we support in 2022.

1. Platform X

MRI PMX screenshot via MRI Software

Platform X (PMX) is a software platform that assists landlords and property managers keep track of their properties, tenants, and finances.

You might refer to Platform X as PMX or Version X. You may also refer to it as MRI X, MRI SaaS, MRI cloud, MRI Web, MRI on-prem, MRI Windows or even Property Management X! Whatever name you call it, we're able to support all versions.

We also have our own products that integrate tightly with PMX, including eConnect and Hydra.

2. Qube Property Management (Qube PM)

MRI Qube screenshot via MRI Software

MRI Qube PM is a world-class property management software that is prominent in the UK and helps landlords and property managers streamline their operations. We are Qube experts and, while MRI constantly innovates to make it even better, we can help you get the most out of this powerful tool.

3. MRI Horizon

MRI Horizon screenshot via MRI Software
MRI Horizon screenshot via MRI Software

MRI Software Horizon's property and accounting management for enterprise commercial, retail and residential real estate businesses. Our real estate, accountancy and MRI experts are perfectly placed to support you to get the most from this powerful platform.

Other real estate, property management, asset management and accounting platforms and solutions we support

Although we've noted the core MRI platforms we provide support and managed services for, our services are not limited to the above. The MRI extended ecosystem has become quite immense from property to asset management tools to investment modeling, social housing tools, tenant portals and more. These include Leverton AI / Contract Intelligence, Real Asset Management, ManhattanOne, Centerstone, Prolease, File Smart, FSI/evolution, Leaseeagle, Property Tree, Strata Master, housingbrixx, Orchard, Castleton and more...too many to list!)

We also support platforms from other providers such as Yardi, Spreadsheet Server, PowerBI, eConnect and Hydra). 

If you require assistance with any other real estate solution, please reach out.  

Why TopUp? Flexible MRI Support service that fits your business

1. Authorised and certified: MRI Software Gold Partner

We are an MRI Software solution and services partner, authorised by MRI to support their clients and work on their products across the globe. We are a Gold partner and MRI's longest-serving partner in the UK.

However, we choose to remain independent. Because we're not wedded singularly to MRI, we're able to represent you and provide objective and effective advice.

MRI Software Gold Partners!

2. Painless onboarding

As we are authorised by MRI with countless clients across the globe, we're able to get our service up and running rapidly. Our painless onboarding process will make sure we're an extended part of your team within days. Your team will then be able to log calls by any method they select, including:

  • phone number
  • email
  • chat
  • support portal / self-service portal - on our system or your own.

It all depends on your preference!

3. 24/7 support

As we support users across the globe, we're able to offer a 24/7 support service that covers your region and enables you to contact support at a time that suits you. 

4. No single designated point of contact

With TopUp, there's no need to have a single in-house expert who is allowed to liaise with MRI for support calls.  Anyone on your team can log a call with us. If any liaison is needed with MRI, we'll take care of that for you too.

So, you'll have faster access to experts and a general speeding up of the whole process - no more waiting in a queue!

5. Unique ticketing system

Our innovative ticketing system ensures that you won't run out of time for us to resolve a case. We'll work with you to establish an appropriate level of support and ensure that you'll have full transparency on cost.  

6. Ongoing improvement

We undertake trends analysis and report back regularly on how we think you can improve your system, process or the level of expertise within your team via training. When we solve issues, if it's a user or process error, we'll make sure your team knows how to avoid the situation in the future.

7. Full lifecycle support

Because we offer a full lifecycle service, we're able to offer enhanced speed and a level of expert customer support that you won't get elsewhere. We can devise a flexible level of support to meet your demand. And if your team experiences any issues with MRI or related processes, you can be sure to get the great customer service that we're known for.

8. Tailored MRI support

Our MRI Software support services are designed to provide our customers with the expertise they need to be successful. We have the flexibility to offer tailored support plans and service plans with different levels of customer support that meet the needs of your business. Whether that is helping you reduce your IT costs, improving overall efficiency, reducing risk or helping your users get a seamless experience from your chosen platform - we'll make sure you meet your objectives. 

9. A whole team of MRI experts: significant value quickly!

With a whole team of experts to support you, we would expect you to realise significant value quickly. Especially in such cases as:

  • you use a generic in-house or outsourced IT team as they are unlikely to have industry or system-specific knowledge
  • you rely on a single in-house expert (or your expert has handed in their notice).

Instead of relying on one person or generic expertise, we have a whole team of industry and system experts on hand when you need them!

Key client support roles

Our client support team will depend on the way you want to work with us. Typical roles you will engage with include the following.

- MRI Helpdesk Analyst / Business Analyst

A Helpdesk Analyst is usually your first port of call for system support. They are responsible for answering questions and resolving problems related to the use of the software. Our analysts are referred to as Business Analysts, indicating their wider remit and the more advanced level of support that they typically provide you with.

- MRI Consultant

When you sign up with TopUp, you will be assigned an expert functional consultant (or two!) who will become familiar with your setup. This means there is no wasted time when you encounter a more complex issue that needs escalating or if you identify new projects that you want to undertake. 

- Account Manager

You will be assigned an account manager to work with you to ensure consistency between support and other projects and to make sure you are updated on trend analysis and performance issues. The account manager also ensures effective communication between all stakeholders, including: support, consultancy, MRI, and your team.   

Conclusion: premier software support and customer service for people that use MRI

In conclusion, we offer a wide variety of MRI Software support services to make sure you get the most out of your chosen software. Whether you need an expert to turn to answer questions or a team to take care of all maintenance and updates for you in the background, we're ready to provide the level of support you need when you need it.

If you're considering support options or experiencing issues with your MRI Software system, data or process, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to devise a support option that suits your business.

Contact support for help from an analyst!

If you're an existing customer and need support, please contact our Helpdesk.

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