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How Kennedy Wilson saved hours from their Yardi reporting process

Richard Duddy
June 30, 2018
In this webinar, Vern Power (Senior Director, Finance & Accounting) of long-standing TopUp client Kennedy Wilson Europe explains how his team use Spreadsheet Server to save hundreds of hours from their Yardi reporting process.

In the discussion, led by our partners at insightsoftware, Vern describes how Kennedy Wilson’s rapid growth saw the finance team grappling with huge amounts of raw data from Yardi. Yet, soon after implementing Spreadsheet Server, the team’s capacity was freed-up to such an extent that they were able to move from simply compiling data to interrogating data.

Watch the video above to discover how Kennedy Wilson:

  • continue to save 100s hours per month by automating just one part of their Yardi reporting process
  • reduced time spend compiling and distributing individual reports to 100s of property managers to just 8 minutes
  • accelerated the production of ad hoc tax reports with a simple template
  • prepare detailed analysis for 10-Q filings at the touch of a button.

The situation

Kennedy Wilson is a global real estate investment company with $16billion of assets. The European arm of the business had been relying on the manual process of re-keying Yardi reporting data into excel. Following rapid growth and merger that saw their assets—and finance team—double in size, this process was no longer sustainable.

The solution

Kennedy Wilson is one of our long-standing clients and, after they contacted us for some guidance on their Yardi reporting process, we recommended Spreadsheet Server.

Spreadsheet Server is the leading excel automation solution for Yardi and other leading ERPs. The tool is installed as an add-in to Microsoft Excel and allows you to connect directly to your ERP system for financial and operational reporting. This enables you to create and distribute comprehensive reports with drill-down functionality without ever leaving Excel.

“Spreadsheet Server allows a high degree of automation. We’re able to drill directly into the general ledger. We’re able to set up various templates, to run automated and repeat processing and reporting. We can focus on our output and that has really led us to drive a number of efficiencies within our finance team. It’s also allowed us to free up capacity.” Vern Power, Senior Director, Finance & Accounting, Kennedy Wilson Europe

For a personal demonstration of how you can boost your Yardi reporting with Spreadsheet Server, please contact us.

Richard Duddy

Richard is a Chartered Marketer who is helping TopUp to continue its year-on-year growth. He's very excited about Hydra—your next favourite real estate product!

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