Six reasons to use eConnect for tenant correspondence

Richard Duddy
December 18, 2021
We recently received some positive words from a satisfied user of eConnect, our advanced email & communication tool for real estate systems. We wanted to share the feedback, so we turned it into an article. Behold: Six reasons to use eConnect for tenant correspondence!

We recently received some positive words from a satisfied user of eConnect, our advanced email & communication tool for real estate systems.

While we turn the feedback into the case study it deserves, we thought we’d share with you the good news in the form an article. Thus, behold: Six reasons to use eConnect for tenant correspondence.

1. Automate your postal process

eConnect speeds up your postal process by automating a number of cumbersome and inefficient real estate correspondence tasks. From quickly sorting land and digital mail requirements to preparing reports, sending mail and broadcasting SMS and more – eConnect is packed with features to bring your correspondence process up to date.

(Confession: our client didn’t list this item, but it underpins all that follows. So, we just had to include it. Consider it a bonus!)

2. Track delivery and collect cash sooner

eConnect’s full delivery and read-receipt tracking enables you to monitor when your clients receive and open each item of correspondence. This means you know when to follow up your correspondence. If you’re chasing payment, for example, eConnect will help you collect cash sooner.

3. Enhance security

When you send an email with eConnect, you have the ability to encrypt the email and any attached PDF with SSL certificate-level security. Instead of paying for secure and recorded delivery for every item of important post, just use eConnect.

4. No spoofing: increase delivery rates

There’s no need for you to use an external server farm to send bulk email, because eConnect connects directly to your own mail server. This reduces the risk of your correspondence ending up in your tenants’ spam folders and increases delivery rates. Alongside eConnect’s email tracking features, you can make sure every piece of correspondence reaches its intended destination.

5. Save hours on compiling reporting packs

You can use eConnect to combine and attach different types of documents to your email. Attach whole files or choose relevant pages from multiple documents and combine into a single PDF. You’ll never have to manually create a report in paper-format again – saving hours from your monthly workload.

6. Tenant portal and document management

eConnect‘s web portal allows your tenants 24/7 self-service access to all historical correspondence and key documents, such as their lease and rent charges. The portal also allows users to log requests, reports repairs and input information, such as utility readings and sales figures. You can even integrate the portal directly with popular software solutions and real estate systems, such as MRI Software, Yardi, SAP and SharePoint.


Those are six reasons to use eConnect for tenant correspondence, according to one very satisfied customer. If you’d like to discover several more reasons to use eConnect, please do get in touch. We’d be happy to schedule a tailored demonstration.

Richard Duddy

Richard is a Chartered Marketer who is helping TopUp to continue its year-on-year growth. He's very excited about Hydra—your next favourite real estate product!

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