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Business intelligence

Unlock your data's hidden secrets
There is a growing global demand from companies to extract, analyse and report on data which has always been considered disparate. This is why Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Discovery is considered the must-have component for any business strategy.

Previously accepted ways of extracting data created a Data-Rich, Information-Poor (aka D.R.I.P) environment, which meant multiple data sources from different systems were needed – each system telling a different story.

Due to the evolving curve of technology, D.R.I.P syndrome is now becoming a thing of the past.

We are partnered with three best-of-breed Business Intelligence providers globally, and we are proud to be authorised to work in countries across the world.

With our range of Business Intelligence products, clients can explore a variety of data visualisation and integrated reporting dashboards, deliver agile and highly interactive reporting, and analytics that help them to more effectively run their business. We also help our clients develop common and consistent metrics which drive collaboration across regions, business units and partners.

Using our data and analytics expertise, combined with an understanding of our clients’ industries, we independently advise on the best Business Intelligence solution for your business needs whilst minimising project costs and development schedule. Ensuring that our clients can run their business efficiently with the best fitting solution is our main objective; from boutique firms through to multinational corporate organisations, delivered across multiple devices and platforms.

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Leading professional services

Our consultants have a deep industry knowledge and a wealth of experience.


Our consultants have deep industry knowledge and a wealth of experience. We'll act as the technology bridge for your real estate business.


Business analysts become part of your extended team; working with you to ensure that all needs are met in a timely and efficient fashion.


Our development team work with you to design and implement new software functionality that fits your requirements.

System selection

Our in-field experience has gained us a comprehensive understanding of system capabilities and their practicalities.

Project management

Experienced project managers help you to plan and work through each phase of your project with clearly defined stages, milestones, roles, responsibilities and measures for success.

Business intelligence

Our deep industry knowledge of real estate processes is anchored to our expertise of both real estate and accounting technology. We'll help you get the information you need.

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