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Make sure your Yardi email correspondence reaches its destination – faster!

eConnect is an advanced email & communication tool for Yardi systems. It complements Yardi’s email capability with a range of powerful features that enhance the entire correspondence process.

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Why use eConnect?

eConnect improving deliverability.

Send email via your own gateway

When you send bulk correspondence email via an ERP such as Yardi, MRI Software or SAP, it is often sent via a single gateway shared by all of the ERP provider’s customers. This can result in your emails being filtered into junk folders or blocked from inboxes entirely.By integrating eConnect with your ERP, you’ll be empowered to send all your email and attachments from your own gateway. Not only does this greatly increase the likelihood of your digital correspondence landing directly in your recipient’s inbox, it enables you to track your email too.

Track delivery and read-receipt

After you’ve sent your digital correspondence, full delivery and read-receipt tracking will give you peace-of-mind that all your business-critical correspondence has reached its destination. You’ll know when your recipient has read their message and can begin to chase faster!

Tracking email with eConnect.Increasing control over email with eConnect

Personalise your communication

Using pre-created templates and merge tags, eConnect will personalise every email to the individual. It will automatically attach relevant documents to each email and include the appropriate signature.

Compile reporting packs

You can even create complicated reporting packs by combining all the relevant pages from multiple PDFs and other documents types from multiple sources – saving hundreds of hours from your correspondence process.

Real estate professionals looking at reports. Illustration.Automating tasks with eConnect.

Automate your correspondence tasks

When you carry out correspondence tasks within your ERP, such as a statements run, it will typically combine the information into one giant pdf. You then have to manually separate that pdf into individual items and attach them to individually generated correspondence.eConnect will instead automatically turn that giant pdf into multiple items of individual email correspondence – and attach all the documents you need too.

Broadcast SMS and email

Send targeted messages instantly via email or SMS, such as emergency maintenance notices or overdue payments notices. Broadcast one-off communication in bulk, save contacts for repeat communication or use criteria to automatically update Smart Lists with the latest data.

Tenant communication illustration.An example of an eConnect Tenant Portal login screen.

Tenant portal

Provide your tenants with 24hr self-service access to all past correspondence and key documents through a customised portal that matches your brand.

What our clients say about us

The most successful real estate companies in the world choose us to help them meet their technology goals.

eConnect reduced time spent printing, collating and sending reports by approximately 12-hrs per month. We now have a firm centralised record of outgoing correspondence with tenants in regards to financial correspondence. I’d definitely recommend eConnect to other businesses.

Kelly Lawler of TGC
Kelly Lawler
Lease & Systems Manager, TGC

Our clients have been looking for a tool that gives them greater control and transparency in communication and delivery of reporting to their stakeholders. eConnect is a natural fit!

Nikki Steadman, Director at Loci Solutions.
Nikki Steadman
Director, Loci Solutions

eConnect provided a quick and easy way of reducing paper from our division. This in turn not only provided a return on investment but saved a great amount of resource time improving efficiencies along the way

Wendy Jack, Director of Property Management at Savills UK.
Wendy Jack
Director, Savills

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More features

Split land & digital mail

eConnect’s intelligent correspondence engine automatically prepares your postal requirements

Write-back to your ERP

Unique write-back features enable you to input information directly to your ERP or CRM from within eConnect

Reflect your brand

Full WYSIWYG HTML email body editor & template tailoring to reflect your company image

Tenant Portal

Provide your tenants with 24hr self-service access to historical correspondence & documents and more

Broadcast SMS & email

Broadcast SMS and email with eConnect’s native Tenant Messaging Solution

Activity scheduling

Set conditions within your ERP and, when met, eConnect will action the activity at the time you choose

Secure cloud service

Harness the power of a state-of-the art cloud computing system (ISO27001 compliant) with high-level service

Training & support

A range of training & support options available for your entire user community, including remote & on-site

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